Python 3.9 is now generally available.

Module: google.appengine.ext.blobstore.blobstore

A Python blobstore API used by app developers.

This module contains methods that are used to interface with Blobstore API. The module includes a db.Model-like class that represents a reference to a very large blob. The module imports a db.Key-like class that represents a blob key.


class BlobInfo: Information about blobs in Blobstore.

class BlobInfoParseError: The CGI parameter does not contain a valid BlobInfo record.

class BlobMigrationRecord: Defines a model that records the result of a blob migration.

class BlobReader: Provides a read-only file-like interface to a blobstore blob.

class BlobReferenceProperty: Property compatible with db.Model classes.

class BlobstoreDownloadHandler: Base class for creating handlers that may send blobs to users.

class BlobstoreUploadHandler: Base class for creation blob upload handlers.

class FileInfo: Details information about uploaded files.

class FileInfoParseError: The CGI parameter does not contain a valid FileInfo record.

class RangeFormatError: Raised when Range header incorrectly formatted.

class UnsupportedRangeFormatError: Raised when Range format is correct, but not supported.


fetch_data(...): Fetches data for a blob.

fetch_data_async(...): Asynchronously fetches data for a blob.

get(...): Gets a BlobInfo record from blobstore.

parse_blob_info(...): Parses a BlobInfo record from file upload field_storage.

parse_file_info(...): Parses a FileInfo record from file upload field_storage.

BLOB_INFO_KIND '__BlobInfo__'
BLOB_KEY_HEADER 'X-AppEngine-BlobKey'
BLOB_MIGRATION_KIND '__BlobMigration__'
BLOB_RANGE_HEADER 'X-AppEngine-BlobRange'
CLOUD_STORAGE_OBJECT_HEADER 'X-AppEngine-Cloud-Storage-Object'
GS_PREFIX '/gs/'