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Python 3.10 is now generally available.

Module: google.appengine.api

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Helper for users of the public App Engine SDK.

This is for use as part of the code at:

Example for a standard WSGI app:

  import google.appengine.api

  app = google.appengine.api.wrap_wsgi_app(app)

Example for a Flask app:

  import google.appengine.api
  from flask import Flask, request

  app = Flask(__name__)
  app.wsgi_app = google.appengine.api.wrap_wsgi_app(app.wsgi_app)


apiproxy_rpc module: Base class for implementing RPC of API proxy stubs.

apiproxy_stub module: Base class for implementing API proxy stubs.

apiproxy_stub_map module: Container of APIProxy stubs for more convenient unittesting.

app_identity module: The App Identity API lets an application discover its application ID.

appinfo module: AppInfo tools.

appinfo_errors module: Errors used in the Python appinfo API, used by app developers.

backendinfo module: A library for working with BackendInfoExternal records, describing backends

background_thread module: Background Threads API.

blobstore module: Blobstore API module.

capabilities module: Allows applications to identify API outages and scheduled downtime.

cmp_compat module: Helpers providing a bridge between the Python 2 __cmp__ and Python 3.

croninfo module: CronInfo tools.

datastore module: The Python datastore API used by app developers.

datastore_admin module: The Python datastore admin API for managing indices and schemas.

datastore_entities module: Classes for common kinds, including Contact, Message, and Event.

datastore_errors module: Errors used in the Python datastore API.

datastore_file_stub module: In-memory persistent stub for the Python datastore API. Gets, queries,

datastore_types module: Higher-level, semantic data types for the datastore.

dispatchinfo module: Dispatch configuration tools.

full_app_id module: Get the App Engine app ID from environment.

images module: Image manipulation API.

mail module: Sends email on behalf of the application.

mail_errors module: Exceptions raised by the Mail API.

mail_stub module: Stub version of the mail API, writes email to logs.

memcache module: Memcache API.

modules module: Modules API module.

namespace_manager module: Namespace Manager Module.

oauth module: OAuth API module.

queueinfo module: QueueInfo tools.

request_info module: Allows API stubs to access request and system state when handling calls.

runtime module: Runtime Utilities API.

stublib module: A very simple base class for titanoboa Stubs.

system module

taskqueue module: Task Queue API module.

urlfetch module: URL downloading API.

urlfetch_errors module: Errors used in the urlfetch API.

urlfetch_stub module: Stub version of the urlfetch API, based on httplib.

user_service_stub module: Trivial implementation of the UserService.

users module: The User Python datastore class to be used as a datastore data type.

validation module: Validation tools for generic object structures.

yaml_builder module: PyYAML event builder handler.

yaml_errors module: Errors used in the YAML API.

yaml_listener module: PyYAML event listener.

yaml_object module: Builder for mapping YAML documents to object instances.


wrap_wsgi_app(...): Wrap a WSGI app with middlewares required to access App Engine APIs.