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Module: google.appengine.api.oauth

OAuth API module.


class Error: Base error class for this module.

class InvalidOAuthParametersError: Raised if the request was a malformed OAuth request.

class InvalidOAuthTokenError: Raised if the request contained an invalid token.

class NotAllowedError: Raised if the requested URL does not permit OAuth authentication.

class OAuthServiceFailureError: Raised if there was a problem communicating with the OAuth service.


get_authorized_scopes(...): Returns authorized scopes from input scopes.

get_client_id(...): Returns the value of OAuth2 Client ID from an OAuth2 request.

get_current_user(...): Returns the User on whose behalf the request was made.

get_oauth_consumer_key(...): OAuth1 authentication is deprecated and turned down.

is_current_user_admin(...): Returns true if the User on whose behalf the request was made is an admin.