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Python 3.10 is now generally available.


A query cursor over a list of entities.

Inherits From: BaseCursor, expected_type

Public properties:

  • keys_only: whether the query is keys_only

query the query request proto
dsquery a datastore_query.Query over query.
orders the orders of query as returned by _GuessOrders.
index_list the list of indexes used by the query.
results list of EntityRecord.



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Populates a QueryResult with this cursor and the given number of results.

result datastore_pb.QueryResult
count integer of how many results to return, or None if not specified
deprecated_offset integer of how many results to skip, deprecated.
compile boolean, whether we are compiling this query
first_result whether the query result is the first for this query

datastore_errors.BadArgumentError if the offset doesn't match the original offset from the RunQuery call.