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Python 3.10 is now available in preview.


A base class for the AppIdentityService API stub.

Inherits From: APIProxyStub, expected_type

Offers base implementations for following AppIdentityService RPCs:

  • AppIdentityService::SignForApp -> _Dynamic_SignForApp
  • AppIdentityService::GetPublicCertificatesForApp -> _Dynamic_GetPublicCertificatesForApp
  • AppIdentityService::GetServiceAccountName -> _Dynamic_GetServiceAccountName
  • AppIdentityService::GetDefaultGcsBucketName -> _Dynamic_GetDefaultGcsBucketName
  • AppIdentityStubService::SetDefaultGcsBucketName -> _Dynamic_SetDefaultGcsBucketName
  • AppIdentityService::GetAccessToken -> _Dynamic_GetAccessToken

And provides following helpers:

  • SetDefaultGcsBucketName: set default bucket name from the request if possible, set from APP_DEFAULT_GCS_BUCKET_NAME constant otherwise.
  • Clear: Reset state of the stub.

Not implemented and must be implemented in an inherited class:

  • Create: static method, create a stub.



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Resets the state on the App Identity stub.


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Creates RPC object instance.

An instance of RPC.


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The main RPC entry point.

service Must be name as provided to service_name of constructor.
call A string representing the rpc to make. Must be part of the underlying services methods and impemented by _Dynamic_<call>.
request A protocol buffer of the type corresponding to call.
response A protocol buffer of the type corresponding to call.
request_id A unique string identifying the request associated with the API call.


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Set an error condition that may be raised when calls made to stub.

If a method is specified, the error will only apply to that call. The error rate is applied to the method specified or all calls if method is not set.

error An instance of apiproxy_errors.Error or None for no error.
method A string representing the method that the error will affect.
error_rate a number from [0, 1] that sets the chance of the error, defaults to 1.


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test implementation for _metadata_server.get_service_account_token.

This API returns an invalid token, as the dev_appserver does not have access to an actual service account. Subclasses override this function with more useful implementations.

scopes a list of oauth2 scopes.
service_account the service account to get the token for

Tuple of access token and expiration time in epoch