Python 3.10 is now available in preview.

Module: google.appengine.datastore.datastore_rpc

Asynchronous datastore API.

This is designed to be the lowest-level API to be used by all Python datastore client libraries.


class AbstractAdapter: Abstract interface between protobufs and user-level classes.

class BaseConfiguration: A base class for a configuration object.

class BaseConnection: Datastore connection base class.

class ConfigOption: A descriptor for a Configuration option.

class Configuration: Configuration parameters for datastore RPCs.

class Connection: Transaction-less connection class.

class IdentityAdapter: A concrete adapter that implements the identity mapping.

class MultiRpc: A wrapper around multiple UserRPC objects.

class TransactionMode: The mode of a Datastore transaction.

class TransactionOptions: An immutable class that contains options for a transaction.

class TransactionalConnection: A connection specific to one transaction.