Configure metrics collection

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This section describes configuration properties for sending Apigee hybrid metrics data to Cloud Operations. Metrics collection is enabled by default. See also Metrics collection overview.

Required configuration

The following overrides file settings configure metrics collection:

  region: $GCP_REGION
  projectID: $GCP_PROJECT_ID

  serviceAccountPath: $SERVICE_ACCOUNT_PATH


  • $GCP_REGION identifies the GCP region where the apigee-logger and the apigee-metrics push their data.
  • $GCP_PROJECT_ID identifies the Google Cloud project where apigee-logger and the apigee-metrics push their data.
  • $SERVICE_ACCOUNT_PATH is the path on your filesystem to the GCP service account key file that was downloaded during the Apigee hybrid installation procedure. The service account associated with the key must have the Monitoring Metrics Writer role. For details on creating service accounts, see Step 5: Add service accounts.


  region: us-central1
  projectID: acme-project

  serviceAccountPath: ./service-accounts/metrics-sa.json

How to disable metrics collection

To disable metrics collection, add the following configuration to your overrides and apply it to the cluster:

  enabled: false