UDCA logs

To troubleshoot the UDCA in Apigee hybrid, look at the log files. UDCA logs are written to stdout/stderr and can be viewed using the kubectl logs command.

On the Kubernetes administration machine, execute the following command:

kubectl logs pod_name apigee-udca -n namespace

The following table lists common error messages that might appear in the UDCA log files and their meanings. Log messages will include a timestamp and often a stacktrace or other information to help you diagnose and fix the issue.

Entry Type Log message Meaning
Error Failed to create directory for dataset dataset_name The directory configured for the given dataset did not exist and the UDCA failed to create it. It could be a permission issue in the setup.

This issue prevents UDCA from starting.

Error Shutdown action was interrupted. It is possible that some data will be lost As part of a shutdown, UDCA tries to upload all files on disk.

This message indicates that the shutdown took longer than expected and some data might not be uploaded and hence lost.

Error Scheduled DatasetHandler for dataset dataset_name encountered an exception. An attempt to perform an action on the given dataset encountered an unexpected exception while polling the configured directory or while uploading the files.
Error Upload failed for file filename. Max Retries exceeded! Moving dir to failed folder. The UDCA failed to upload the given file and moved the file to the dataset's /failed subdirectory.
Error Re-queuing files from failed directory encountered an exception. The UDCA requeues files from the /failed directory after a successful upload. This ensures that the UDCA retry to upload files after network/upstream issues are resolved.

This message indicates that UDCA experienced an error when trying to requeue the file.

Error Shutting down datasetHandler encountered an exception. The UDCA experienced an exception when trying to shut down.
Error Failed to move file from directory_name to directory_name. The UDCA encountered an exception while moving a file between sub-directories for internal lifecycle management.
Error Failed to delete file filename. The UDCA encountered an exception while deleting a file after a successful upload.
Error Failed to rename file from file_name to file_name. The UDCA encountered an exception while appending UUID to a file while renaming.
Warning Received 429 - Too many Requests from upstream service. Skipping remaining files in this iteration and will retry again The UDCA received an error that it had exceeded its quota from an upstream service. As a result, the UDCA skipped the remaining files in this iteration and will retry in the next interval.
Warning File upload failed for filename. error_message The UDCA failed to upload the given file due to the returned error.

The UDCA will attempt to upload the file 3 times before moving it to the dataset's /failed subdirectory.

Warning Request request_URI timed out. Aborting request The specified asynchronous request to upload the file timed out and was cancelled.
Warning Request request_URI failed. Exception exception The specified asynchronous request failed with an exception.
Warning Metrics Computation Failed: error_message The periodic computation of the UDCA's file system metrics encountered an exception.
Warning Will attempt to upload api file file_name uncompressed The UDCA encountered an issue trying to compress the file before uploading. The uncompressed file will be uploaded in this case.