Step 1: Create an Apigee workspace

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Create an Apigee workspace for developing your APIs.

  1. To access Apigee in VS Code, launch VS Code and click Apigee in VS Code icon in the Activity bar.

    Apigee in VS Code showing the icon in the activity bar

  2. Click Create Apigee workspace within the Apigee Explorer.

    Create Apigee workspace button in UI

    Alternatively, you can position your cursor in the Apigee Explorer title bar and select > Create Apigee workspace.

  3. Enter myapigeeworkspace at the prompt and press Enter.

  4. Navigate to the directory where you want to save the Apigee workspace.
    If you are using source control management, select a location in your source control repository.

  5. Click Select workspace folder.

The Apigee workspace is created and stored at myapigeeworkspace/src/main/apigee and opened in the Apigee Explorer, as shown below.

Apigee Explorer showing Apigee workspace folders, including apiproxies, sharedflows, environments, and tests.

As shown, a set of folders is created for you to develop API proxies and shared flows, configure deployment environments, and build test resources.

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