Step 1: Create a Google Cloud account

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The first step is to create a Google Cloud console account. This section describes how to create a Google Cloud account. If you already have Cloud Identity or G Suite configured for your organization, you can skip to the next step (Step 2: Create a Google Cloud project).

If you choose to set up Cloud Identity, domain verification is required.

To create a Google Cloud account:

  1. Open Google Cloud console in a browser.

  2. When prompted to sign in, create a new account by clicking Create account:

    Google sign in, Create account highlighted.

  3. Follow the instructions to register your corporate email address as a Google account. Alternatively, you can use a Gmail account or other Google account.

  4. Continue to the Google Cloud console and accept the Google Cloud terms presented.

Set up Cloud Identity

If you'd prefer to use Cloud Identity to manage your organizational identity with Apigee, please take note of the following:

  • General information on Cloud Identity can be found in What is Cloud Identity or in the Cloud Identity Help Center.
  • Cloud Identity provides multiple ways to create users from your organization in bulk, including sync tools with your LDAP server and the ability to configure SSO.
  • Using Cloud Identity with Google Cloud provides you with a Google Cloud Organization: this allows for more advanced resource hierarchy configuration. Although not needed for Apigee hybrid, it might be useful if you plan to use other Google Cloud services or have multiple members of your organization access the product.
  • To use Cloud Identity, you must verify ownership of the domain that you plan to use.

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