Build your portal using Drupal 9

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For those who want more control over the experience provided by the developer portals integrated into Apigee, Drupal 9 provides a powerful open-source, enterprise-level content management system (CMS). Using Apigee's modules for Drupal 9, you can build a fully customized developer portal with greater flexibility and control over the developer experience. Because the Drupal 9 projects and these modules are open-source, you can extend and contribute to their development and leverage the knowledge of the Apigee and Drupal communities.

Get up and running quickly with Apigee Kickstart

The fastest way to get a developer portal site up and running with Apigee is to use the Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart. Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart is a Drupal distribution that enables you to quickly evaluate using Drupal 9 to create an Apigee developer portal. The Kickstart bundles together all of the open source Apigee Drupal modules and libraries that you need to create a portal, configure a connection to Apigee X or hybrid, showcase your API products, and publish your API reference documentation.

Get Started

Instructions for installing the Kickstart distribution can be found on at Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart. The Kickstart installer will prompt you for all the information needed to install Drupal 9 core, configure your connection to Apigee, and get your site up and running with a customizable theme. The Kickstart also includes preconfigured Drupal page entities for your developer portal homepage, API catalog page, and Get Started page. Modules for FAQs, Blogs and Forums to build your developer community are also included.

Customize your developer portal

The Kickstart distribution includes a customizable home page, Get Started page, and API catalog page. Each of these pages can be modified to reflect your company's brand, logo, and customized developer experience.

For additional customizations or page development, refer to the following sources:

Publish your API Documentation with the Apigee API Catalog

Apigee's API Catalog module lets you document your APIs in your Drupal 9 developer portal using OpenAPI specifications and Apigee SmartDocs. Publishing API documentation to your portals makes it easy for developers to learn, test, and evaluate your APIs.

For more information on using the integrated Apigee API Catalog with SmartDocs in your Drupal 9 developer portal, see Document your APIs.

Choose your hosting provider

Using the open source Apigee Drupal 9 modules provides you with complete control over the developer experience in your portal. With this self-managed option, you are responsible for hosting and maintaining the portal sites leveraging these modules. You can choose a provider to manage and host your developer portal, such as Pantheon, Acquia, or another provider.

For more information on working with Pantheon to host your Drupal 9 developer portal, see Pantheon powers Apigee Drupal-based Developer Portals.

For more information on working with Acquia to host your Drupal 9 developer portal, see Apigee and Acquia partner together to deliver development portals.

About the Apigee modules supported for Drupal 9

The following table summarizes the Drupal 9 projects that are available for use with Apigee and their corresponding GitHub Issue Queues for reporting issues. Contributions are appreciated, as outlined in the contribution guidelines for each project.

Project Description Issues?
Apigee Edge Enables you to connect your Drupal developer portal to your Apigee X or hybrid org. Includes the following submodules: Report issue
Apigee Client Library for PHP Makes it easy to develop PHP clients that call the Apigee API. Report issue
Apigee Monetization Enables you to create a developer portal for an Apigee monetized organization. Report issue
Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart Enables you to get started quickly using Drupal 9 to create an Apigee developer portal. The Kickstart distribution includes Drupal 9, Apigee, the Apigee Client Library for PHP, the Apigee API Catalog, and customizable themes and templates. Report issue
Apigee API Catalog Enables you to document your APIs using OpenAPI specifications and SmartDocs. Report issue