Before you can install Apigee hybrid, you must meet the following prerequisites:

Done? Prerequisite Description
Google Cloud billing account

You must have a Google Cloud account with active billing. For more information, see Create a new billing account.

Google Cloud project

Create a new Google Cloud project for the Apigee hybrid installation. For more information, see Creating a project.

If you'd prefer to use Cloud Identity to manage your organizational identity with Apigee, see Cloud Identity Help. Although not needed for Apigee hybrid, Cloud Identity might be useful if you plan to use other Google Cloud services or have multiple members of your organization access the product.

Clock synchronization

Apigee hybrid uses the Cassandra database, and Cassandra relies on Network Time Protocol (NTP) synchronization to maintain data consistency. Before you begin your hybrid installation, we recommend you use Network Time Protocol (NTP) to synchronize the clocks on all nodes and application servers. If you plan to install hybrid into multiple regions, be sure they are synchronized with NTP across all regions.


Install the following software on your administrative machine:

  • gcloud CLI (required for command line provisioning steps).
    • After the gcloud CLI is installed, run gcloud components update to get the latest gcloud components.
  • curl (recommended)
  • If you are installing Apigee hybrid on EKS and you are using Kubernetes 1.24 or newer, install the Kubernetes CSI driver for Amazon EBS.

Review the following information before installing hybrid:

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Each of these steps is described in the sections that follow.

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