NOTE: Some aspects of this product are in Beta. The hybrid installation options are GA. To join the Beta program, reach out to your Apigee representative.

Uninstall hybrid runtime

To delete Apigee components within a specific scope, use apigeectl with the flags for the scope that includes those components:

  • --all-envs: all environment-scope components in all the environments under the organization named in the override config file
  • --datastore: Cassandra.
  • --env env-name: the environment-scope components: Runtime, Synchronizer, and UDCA
  • --org: the organization-scope components: Apigee Connect Agent, Mart, and Watcher
  • --settings virtualhosts: virtualhost settings only
  • --telemetry: Logger and Metrics

For example:

apigeectl delete -f your_overrides_file.yaml --org --env env-name

To delete only the Apigee components from the cluster, use this command:

apigeectl delete -f your_overrides_file.yaml

Use the following command to delete the entire Apigee hybrid installation except ASM (Istio) and cert-manager from your cluster:

apigeectl delete -f your_overrides_file.yaml --all

For more information about the apigeectl command, see apigeectl.

Use the following command to remove cert-manager:

kubectl -n cert-manager delete secret apigee-ca