OAuth 2.0: Configuring a new API proxy

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The client credentials grant type defines a procedure for issuing access tokens in exchange for app credentials. These app credentials are the consumer key and secret pair that Apigee issues for each app that is registered in an organization. For more details, see Implementing the authorization code grant type.

Add OAuth 2.0 to a new API proxy

You can add OAuth verification to an API when you create a new API proxy in the Apigee UI.

To add OAuth verification to an API:

  1. Sign in to Apigee UI.
  2. Select Develop > API Proxies in the left navigation bar.
  3. Click + Proxy
  4. Use the Create Proxy wizard to create a Reverse proxy. See Build a simple API proxy.
  5. On the Common policies page of the wizard, select the radio button next to OAuth v2.0.

When you select this option, two policies will be attached to the newly created API proxy, one to verify access tokens and another to strip the access token after it has been verified.

Note that the Publish API Product checkbox becomes selectable and is automatically selected. Check this if you want to automatically generate a product when you build the new API proxy. The autogenerated product will be created with an association to the new API proxy. If you have an existing product with which you want to associate this new API, be sure to clear this checkbox so that you don't create an unnecessary product. For information about products, see What is an API product?