Uninstall hybrid runtime

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To delete Apigee components within a specific scope, use apigeectl with the flags for the scope that includes those components:

  • --all-envs: all environment-scope components in all the environments under the organization named in the override config file
  • --datastore: Cassandra.
  • --env env-name: the environment-scope components: Runtime, Synchronizer, and UDCA
  • --org: the organization-scope components: Apigee Connect Agent, Mart, and Watcher
  • --settings virtualhosts: virtualhost settings only
  • --telemetry: Logger and Metrics

For example:

apigeectl delete -f your_overrides_file.yaml --org --env env-name

To delete only the Apigee components from the cluster, use this command:

apigeectl delete -f your_overrides_file.yaml

Use the following command to delete the entire Apigee hybrid installation except ASM (Istio) and cert-manager from your cluster:

apigeectl delete -f your_overrides_file.yaml --all

For more information about the apigeectl command, see apigeectl.

Use the following command to remove cert-manager:

kubectl -n cert-manager delete secret apigee-ca