Step 5: Configure your DNS

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Reserve a static IP

Follow the steps below to create a static IP address for the runtime load balancer. This address exposes the hybrid runtime to API proxy requests coming from outside the cluster.

  1. Open the Google Cloud console and log in with the account you created in Step 1: Create a Google Cloud account.
  2. Select the project that you created in Step 2: Create a Google Cloud project.
  3. If you have not already done so, enable the Cloud DNS API. See Enabling APIs.
  4. Create a static IP address:
  5. Copy the external IP address you just reserved. For example: You will need it in a later step.

Get a registered domain

If you already have a registered domain, you can use it for the Apigee hybrid installation. If not, you can register a domain name through Google Domains or another domain registrar of your choice.

Configure your DNS

Create a new A type record in a zone in your DNS server as follows:

  • Specify a DNS zone subdomain name. For example, suppose your zone's parent domain is, the subdomain name might be myapi. In this example, the address would be:
  • Set the A record address to the numeric IP address of your static IP, in dotted decimal format. For example:

If you do not have an existing domain available to use, we provide a quickstart example that shows how to use Google Domains and Google Cloud DNS to create a domain and set up a DNS zone. See DNS quickstart.

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