Runtime service configuration overview

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The Apigee hybrid runtime plane is made up of a variety of services. Each service is deployed on nodes within your Kubernetes cluster, and each one can be configured using the overrides.yaml file.

The following table summarizes the runtime services:

Service Description Configuration Object Implemented As Scope
Cassandra Acts as a runtime datastore that provides Apigee local persistent storage for KMS, OAuth, KVMs, and caching for the runtime plane. You can have separate Cassandra rings for KMS, OAuth, KVMs, and caching. cassandra StatefulSet Organization (one or more orgs)
Logger Extracts log files and sends the data to the monitoring application associated with your GCP account (currently Cloud Operations). logger DaemonSet Cluster (one or more organizations in the same cluster)
Management API for Runtime data (MART) Exposes an endpoint to administer data entities on the runtime plane, such as KMS (API keys and OAuth tokens), quotas, KVMs, and API products. MART services are scoped to a single organization. mart Deployment Organization
Message Processor Consumes rolling updates from the management plane to provide API request processing and policy execution on the runtime plane. Each Message Processor is scoped to a single environment. runtime Deployment Environment
Metrics Collects operations metrics that you can use to monitor the health of hybrid services, to set up alerts, and so on. metrics Deployment Cluster (one or more organizations in the same cluster)
Synchronizer Fetches configuration data about an API environment from the management plane to the runtime plane. A Synchronizer can poll one or more environments in the same or different organizations. Config Sync Deployment Environment
Universal Data Collection Agent (UDCA) Extracts analytics and deployment status data and sends it to the UAP service in the management plane so that you can access it with the management UI. udca Deployment Environment
Cert Manager A certificate manager for Kubernetes implementations used by Apigee. cert-manager Deployment Kubernetes cluster
Apigee Operators Apigee Operators (AO) creates and updates low level Kubernetes and Istio resources that are required to deploy and maintain the ApigeeDeployment (AD) configuration. For example, the controller carries out the release of message processors and validates the AD configuration before making it persistent in Kubernetes cluster. ao Deployment Kubernetes cluster

Most services make socket connections with other internal or external services that you should be aware of. For more information, see Hybrid ports.