Step 2: Enable APIs

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What you're doing in this step

Most APIs, by default, are disabled for new projects. You typically enable APIs one at a time so that your project can then access other services. To use Apigee, you must enable the following APIs for your Cloud project:

Done? API Name Location Description
Apigee Provides communications between your project and other services and Cloud APIs.
Service Networking Enables your managed services on internal IP addresses to connect to service consumers.
Compute Engine Used for managing your runtime (or cluster).
Cloud Key Management Service (KMS)

Manages keys and performs cryptographic operations for direct use by other cloud resources.

When you use this API, you need to have a cert/key pair. You can create them now or create them later when you have to use them.

Perform the step

You cannot use the Apigee provisioning wizard to perform this step. However, you can use either the command line or the Cloud Console's UI. For more information, see Enabling APIs.

Note that this section uses the $PROJECT_ID variable that you created for your Cloud environment in Step 1: Define environment variables.

To enable the required APIs on the command line:

  1. Log in and initialize your Cloud project if you haven't done so already.
  2. Enable the four required APIs listed above by executing the services enable command, as the following example shows:

    gcloud services enable \ \ --project=$PROJECT_ID
  3. (Optional) To check your work, use the services list command to show all the enabled APIs, as the following example shows:

    gcloud services list

    The response shows all enabled services, including the APIs that you just enabled (Apigee, Service Networking, Cloud KMS, and Compute Engine). The following example shows a possible list of APIs displayed by this command:

    ...                                    ...      Analytics Reporting API                  Apigee API           Google App Engine Flexible Environment
    ...                                    ...                Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) API                 Compute Engine API
    ...                                    ...           Compute Engine Instance Groups API       Service Networking API
    ...                                            ...

    While your list of APIs might be different than those shown above, it must include the APIs you enabled in this step. If it doesn't, try executing the previous command for each API—one at a time—to enable them. Alternatively, try using the Console to enable APIs.

If you encounter errors during this part of the process, see Troubleshooting.

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