Managing the pages in your portal

Manage the pages in your portal, as described in the following sections.

About the reserved URL paths

The following URL paths are reserved for use by the developer portal and cannot be specified as the page path when creating pages:

  • accounts/create
  • apis
  • docs
  • login
  • logout
  • my-apps
  • sites
  • teams

Exploring the Pages page

To access the Pages page:

  • Select Publish > Portals in the side navigation bar, select your portal, and click Pages on the landing page.
  • When editing a portal, select Pages in the drop-down in the top navigation bar.

The list of pages in your portal is displayed.

Pages page

As highlighted in the previous figure, the Pages page enables you to:

  • Create a page
  • View page details and published status
  • Edit page content and details
  • Delete pages in your portal
  • Sort the list of pages by column (the arrow indicates the active column and direction of the sorted content)

Creating a page

To create a new page:

  1. Access the Pages page.
  2. Click +Page.
  3. In the Create a Page dialog, enter the following details:

    Field Description Required?
    Name Name of the page. The page name must be unique within the portal. The name is used in the portal page header and browser tab. Yes
    Path User-friendly relative URL to use for the page. For best practices, see Implement search engine optimization (SEO). Use alphanumeric characters and dashes only. Spaces and special characters are not allowed. Defaults to the page name with spaces converted to dashes.
    Note: Avoid specifying a reserved URL path when creating a portal. For a list of reserved URL paths, see About the reserved URL paths.
  4. Click Create to create the new page.

Editing the contents of a page

To edit the contents of a page:

  1. Access the Pages page.
  2. Click the name of the page that you want to edit.
  3. Edit the contents of the page. See Develop portal content using the page editor.

Changes that you make to the page are saved automatically.

Editing the page details

To edit the details for a page, including the name, description, and relative path:

  1. Access the Pages page.
  2. Position the cursor over the page you want to edit and click Edit icon in the actions menu.
  3. Edit the page details.
  4. Click Update.

Deleting pages from your portal

To delete a page from your portal:

  1. Access the Pages page.
  2. Position the cursor over the page you want to edit and click Delete icon in the actions menu.
  3. Click Delete to confirm the operation.