Step 1: Enable required APIs

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What you're doing in this step

To provision and use an Apigee instance, you must enable the following APIs for your Cloud project:

API Name Location Description
Apigee Provides communications between your project and other services and Cloud APIs.
Service Networking Enables your managed services on internal IP addresses to connect to service consumers.
Compute Engine Used for managing your Apigee runtime.
Cloud Key Management Service (KMS)

Manages keys and performs cryptographic operations for direct use by other Cloud resources.

Perform the step

In Step 1, the console displays a list of the APIs that must be enabled to provision and use Apigee. A green check mark appears next to an APIs already enabled in your project.

To enable any APIs not previously enabled in your project, click Enable APIs. It may take a few moments for the step to complete. Upon success, a blue check mark displays next to the Enable required APIs step.

Go to the next step, Step 2: Set up networking.