Securing a proxy

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API security involves controlling access to your APIs, guarding against malicious message content, accessing and masking sensitive encrypted data at runtime, protecting your backend services against direct access, and other important safeguards.

OAuth home

Get links to introductory topics, examples, and how-to topics.

Using SAML policies

Get an overview of Apigee's support for SAML, along with a pointer to the policy you'll need.

Data-masking and hiding

Learn how to mask sensitive data such as credit card numbers or health information.

Last-mile security

Learn how to protect yourself against threats to your backend resources.

API keys

Get an introduction to the working of API keys, the simplest form of app-based security.

Content-based security

Learn about the Apigee policies you can use to protect your APIs against content-carried threats.

Key Value Maps and property sets

Store data that shouldn't be hard-coded in your API proxy logic for retrieval at runtime, such as credentials, private keys, or tokens