Setting up Apigee in VS Code

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Set up Apigee in Visual Studio Code (VS Code) as described in the following sections.

Installing Apigee in VS Code

To install Apigee in VS Code:

  1. Download and install Visual Studio Code (VS Code) on your local machine, if it is not already installed.
  2. Install Apigee in VS Code as part of the Cloud Code extension, as described in Install the Cloud Code extension.
  3. Ensure Docker is installed on your system.
  4. Install the Apigee Emulator.
  5. Create a container for deploying to the Apigee Emulator.

Using version control with Apigee in VS Code

VS Code supports integration with various source control management (SCM) providers, including Git which is integrated out of the box. A rich set of source control providers is supported through the Extension Marketplace. For information about setting up SCM for VS Code, see Using version control in VS Code.

For additional guidance on setting up Apigee in VS Code, see Setting up Visual Studio Code.

What's next

After completing the installation and setup steps, get started using Apigee in VS Code:

Getting support

Report Cloud Code installation issues on GitHub or post questions on Stack Overflow. Otherwise, see Support.