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Apigee is redundant and provides live services within each region as a first layer of redundancy.

Data is backed up once per day at a minimum. Some services and data repositories are backed up multiple times per day.

All data backed up by Google is encrypted using Google managed encryption keys.

The following table describes the backup for each type of data.

Data Backup Notes
Control plane data
  • Backed up and replicated across multiple regions, which may include the US.
  • The following data is stored in Google Cloud Storage but there is no separate backup outside of what Storage provides:
    • API proxies
    • Shared flows
    • Keystores
    • Resource files

    Google recommends that you maintain additional backups for such data.

  • Kept under the same security as our production customer services, with restricted access using tools equal to or identical to those used in securing Apigee Cloud platform.
  • Apigee stores backup data for EU analytics regions in the EU region.
  • Apigee stores backup data for North and South America analytics regions in the US.
  • Apigee stores backup data for the following analytics regions in multi-regional Asia:

    • asia-east1
    • asia-south1
    • asia-northeast1
    • australia-southeast1

    For more information, see GCP Regions.

Runtime data
  • Apigee stores data in the same region as the runtime instance.

    For more information, see GCP Regions.

  • If you have Apigee provisioned in more than one region, then Apigee stores the backup data in each of those regions.
Developer Portal (Integrated Portal only)
  • Backed up and replicated across multiple regions.
  • Apigee stores backup data in the US multi-region.

For more information, see Quick start: Build your portal in real time.

Google tests the process of restoring from backup data as part of our operational excellence. This testing occurs quarterly and the results are included in the audit reports that we share (such as the SOC).

Google recommends that you have a full software development lifecycle (SDLC) plan for your Apigee projects. In addition to backup and restoration plans, this also includes plans for versioning, change management, and authorization.