Building your first API proxy using Apigee in VS Code

This page applies to Apigee and Apigee hybrid.

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Build your first API proxy using Apigee in VS Code.

  1. Create an Apigee workspace to set up the directory structure required for local development with Apigee.

  2. Create an API proxy. You'll connect your API proxy to a mock target endpoint so you can see how it works.

  3. Configure and deploy an environment that includes your new API proxy.

  4. Test your API. Learn how to build and export test resources and authenticate using an API key to test your API.

  5. Change your target endpoint so your API proxy returns XML data.

  6. Attach a policy to convert the response from XML to JSON.

  7. Deploy to an Apigee environment.

  8. Promote an archive to production.

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