Deploy a Drupal-based developer portal for Apigee from Cloud Marketplace

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Customers who wish to deploy the open source Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart to their own Google Cloud project can use this click-to-deploy solution available through Google Cloud Marketplace. The Google cloud project-based solution deploys a Drupal-based developer portal profile that can be used with your Apigee organizations to publish your API documentation and API products. The customer-managed Drupal 9 profile leverages Apigee's open source Drupal modules in conjunction with Google Cloud's hosting capabilities.

Drupal-based portal for Apigee with Cloud security

Apigee customers using VPC Service Controls have the option to host their developer portal on Google Cloud from within their own Google Cloud project. Publish your APIs securely by deploying a portal within your project's VPC Service Controls perimeter and integrate with Apigee using Apigee's open source Drupal modules. The Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart available in Cloud Marketplace simplifies this process using click-through configuration and bundled deployments.

Key Benefits

The Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart solution in Cloud Marketplace:

  • Simplifies installing and running a Drupal-based developer portal on Google Cloud.
  • Can be configured to work within a VPC Service Controls perimeter.
  • Leverages Cloud services and Drupal open source communities to extend developer portal functionality.
  • Supports self-service compliance options for FedRAMP, PCI, or HIPAA.

Cloud services architecture

Below is a high level diagram of the Cloud services components involved in the Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart:

high level architecture diagram of the portal solution

Configuration options

The click-to-deploy template streamlines custom configuration of your portal. Update your configuration after launch with Deployment Manager, or using the Cloud Service dashboard.

Configure the following available options for your Drupal-based portal:

Zone Choose the deployment region for the portal's Compute Engine instances.
Machine Type Select the machine type for the portal's Compute Engine instances.
Service Account Use an existing service account or create a new service account.
Boot Disk Type Specify the storage type of the portal's Compute Engine instances.
Boot Disk Size Specify the storage size of the portal's Compute Engine instances.
Network Optionally configure HTTPS with external certificate provider
Logging and Monitoring Enable or disable Cloud Logging and Cloud Monitoring.
Encryption Choose Google-managed keys or CMEK for Cloud SQL instances.

Technical specifications

The Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart runs on Compute Engine and utilizes these third-party services and tools: