Step 1: Enable APIs

Apigee hybrid requires certain Google Cloud service APIs. In this step, you will enable the APIs that are required for your installation platform.

Use gcloud to enable the required APIs as explained in the following steps. If you prefer, you can use the Cloud Console to enable the APIs.

  1. Complete the Prerequisites, and be sure you have the gcloud CLI installed in your local shell:
    gcloud --help
  2. Create a PROJECT_ID environment variable where the value is the ID of the Google Cloud project you plan to use for Apigee hybrid. A project ID is a unique string used to differentiate your project from all others in Google Cloud. If needed, see Locate the project ID:
  3. Select the tab for your intended installation to see the command to enable the APIs:


    If you will be running your clusters on OpenShift, enable the APIs with the following command:

    gcloud services enable \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \  --project $PROJECT_ID

    Other Platforms

    If you will be running your clusters on one of the following platforms run the command below to enable the required APIs:

    • GKE on-prem
    • Anthos on bare metal
    • AKS
    • GKE on AWS
    • EKS
    gcloud services enable \ \ \ \  --project $PROJECT_ID

    GKE on Google Cloud

    If you will be running your clusters on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), run this command to enable the required APIs:

      gcloud services enable \
 --project $PROJECT_ID
  4. (Optional) To verify that the required APIs are enabled, execute this command. If the required APIs are in the returned list, then they are enabled.
    gcloud services list --project $PROJECT_ID

Next step

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