NOTE: Some aspects of this product are in Beta. The hybrid installation options are GA. To join the Beta program, reach out to your Apigee representative.

Step 1: Create a GKE on-prem cluster

You must create a Kubernetes cluster in Anthos GKE deployed on-prem before you can install Apigee hybrid.

Create a GKE on-prem cluster

Before continuing with a hybrid installation, you must first create a Kubernetes cluster in GKE on-prem. There are many variations, some simple and some complex, on how to install GKE on-prem and create user clusters. To get started, see Overview of installation in the GKE on-prem documentation.


After you have a Kubernetes cluster running in GKE on-prem, you are ready to install the Apigee hybrid runtime plane software on the GKE on-prem admin machine.

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