GKE production cluster requirements

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This section describes the basic requirements for setting up a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster suitable for an Apigee hybrid production installation.

Creating the cluster

For information about creating GKE clusters, see Creating a cluster in the GKE documentation.

Production cluster requirements

Follow these requirements when creating your production cluster:

Software versions

Requirement Value
Kubernetes version Version 1.14.x or later You can find the supported Kubernetes cluster versions by issuing the following command:
gcloud container get-server-config
Supported versions are returned under the validMasterVersions: heading.
kubectl version Version 1.14.x or later. See Install and Set Up kubectl.

Cluster template configuration

Choose these template configuration options for your production GKE cluster:

Configuration Value
Cluster template Standard cluster
Location type Regional (recommended)
Availability zones 3
Autoscaling Enable autoscaling for your nodes, with the minimum and maximum number of instances set to the same number. GKE will give you a warning about setting the values to the same number. You can ignore this warning.

For more information, see Scale and autoscale hybrid services.

Storage Storage is provisioned dynamically using the StatefulSet dynamic provisioner.

Node requirements

A node pool is a group of nodes within a cluster that all have the same configuration. By default, you must configure two node pools in your cluster -- one for the stateful Cassandra pods and one for the rest of the pods, which are stateless. Configure these two node pools as described below:

Stateful node pool configuration

Configure a stateful node pool as follows:

Configuration Value
Name apigee-data
Minimum number of nodes 3
Machine type N1-standard-8 (Standard machine type with 8 vCPUs, 30 GB of memory)
Storage Storage will be provisioned dynamically using StatefulSet dynamic provisioner

Stateless node pool configuration

Configure a stateless node pool as follows:

Configuration Value
Name apigee-runtime
Minimum number of nodes 3 (1 per zone)
Machine type N1-standard-4 (Standard machine type with 4 vCPUs, 15 GB of memory)