GCP URLs to allow for Hybrid

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If you have a restricted VPC environment where external domains need to be allowed, here is a list of Google Cloud urls that Apigee hybrid may need to connect with during install and runtime.

Google Cloud URLs for all Apigee hybrid installations

These URLs are used by all Apigee hybrid installations:

  • accounts.google.com
  • apigee.googleapis.com
  • apigeeconnect.googleapis.com
  • binaryauthorization.googleapis.com (optional, only if you use binary authorization)
  • deploymentmanager.googleapis.com
  • gcr.io
  • iam.googleapis.com
  • iamcredentials.googleapis.com
  • logging.googleapis.com
  • monitoring.googleapis.com
  • oauth2.googleapis.com
  • pubsub.googleapis.com
  • runtimeconfig.googleapis.com
  • servicecontrol.googleapis.com
  • serviceusage.googleapis.com
  • stackdriver.googleapis.com
  • storage.googleapis.com
  • sts.googleapis.com
  • www.googleapis.com

Google Cloud URLs for Anthos installations

All Apigee hybrid installations on Anthos (on-prem and multi-cloud) use additional Google Cloud URLs. For more information, see: