Configure Cassandra for production

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This topic describes steps you must take to configure the Cassandra database component for an Apigee hybrid production installation.

Configure storage and heap settings

For a production installation of Apigee hybrid, Google recommends that you add the following storage and heap settings to your overrides file and apply them to the cluster:

    capacity: 500Gi
      cpu: 7
      memory: 15Gi
  maxHeapSize: 8192M
  heapNewSize: 1200M

For more information on these property settings, see the Configuration property reference.

Add SSD storage for production

For the Cassandra database, hybrid runtime uses dynamically created persistent volumes to store data. To configure Cassandra properly for a production environment, you must configure a StorageClass definition that is backed by a solid-state drive (SSD) and make it the default class. See StorageClass configuration for detailed steps.