Minimum cluster configurations

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This topic describes minimum cluster configurations for Apigee hybrid. These minimum configurations apply to all of the supported Kubernetes platforms.

About node pools

A node pool is a group of nodes within a cluster that all have the same configuration. By default, hybrid assigns all pods to the default node pool; however, you can create dedicated node pools and assign hybrid components to them as a way of distributing resources.

Typically, you define dedicated node pools when you have pods with differing resource requirements. For example, the apigee-cassandra pods require persistent storage, while the other Apigee hybrid pods do not. For this reason, we recommend that you create a stateful node pool for Cassandra and a stateless node pool for the rest of the hybrid runtime services. See Configure dedicated node pools for details.

The following section lists configurations for both stateful and stateless node pools.

Minimum configurations

Use these minimum configurations when setting up your cluster:

Configuration Stateful node pool Stateless node pool
Number of nodes 3 (per region) 3 (per region)
CPU 4 4
RAM 15 15
Default label name apigee-data apigee-runtime
Storage dynamic Managed with the ApigeeDeployment CRD

Scaling the configuration

If you need to scale your initial configuration based on additional capacity or throughput needs, see the following topics: