In this part, you perform the following tasks:

Task Description
Prerequisites You need a Google Cloud project, a billing account, and the gcloud CLI.
Step 1: Enable APIs Enable the APIs for Google Cloud services used by Apigee hybrid.
Step 2: Create an Apigee organization

Your Apigee organization contains everything you create using Apigee, including API proxies and services, along with the resources needed to support them. Note that an Apigee organization is not the same as a Google Cloud organization.

Step 3: Create an environment and environment group

An environment is an isolated software environment in which you can use Apigee's software tools to create and deploy API proxies. You can create multiple environments in an organization.

An environment group is used to group one or more Apigee environments under a single hostname that can be used to call API proxies deployed to any environment in the environment group.

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