Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring

Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring is an add-on to Kubernetes 1.10.6 or 1.11.2 (or later, if available) that provides integrated monitoring and logging support with Stackdriver.


Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring provides several features:

Single dashboard observability. Explore your Kubernetes clusters, workloads, and services in a single Monitoring dashboard. Drill down to inspect entities including nodes, pods, namespaces, and containers.

Clear feedback. Each Kubernetes entity is marked with an icon if an incident is in progress, letting you find and focus on problems more quickly.

Easy installation. Click a single checkbox in the Kubernetes Engine Console when you create your GKE clusters, or switch support from the Stackdriver current support for GKE to the new support.


The Beta release has the following limitations:

  • GKE only. This Beta release supports only Kubernetes version 1.10.6 or 1.11.2 (or later, if available), and it supports only Kubernetes clusters running on Google Cloud Platform's Google Kubernetes Engine.

  • Opt-in only. This Beta is an opt-in feature for new and existing Kubernetes Engine clusters. If you do not choose to opt in, you continue to use the current Stackdriver support for GKE, as described in the Monitoring and Logging pages for Kubernetes.

  • Incompatibilities. This Beta release is incompatible with the current Stackdriver support. For a discussion of the incompatibilities, see Incompatibilities.

For a list of known known issues in the Beta release, see Known issues.

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