Feature gates

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This page provides an overview of Kubernetes feature gates, and explains how feature gates function in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).


This page addresses Kubernetes feature gates as they relate to GKE. Refer to the GKE release notes for a full list of GKE features.

Feature gates are a set of key-value pairs that describe Kubernetes features. Feature gates in GKE are treated as internal implementation details and cannot be modified.

Kubernetes features can be in a stage of General Availability (GA), beta or alpha.


GA (also referred to as stable) Kubernetes features are enabled on GKE by default and cannot be disabled.


Beta features are enabled by default and can be disabled by GKE for a particular version.

If you are considering using a beta feature:

  • Assume the feature is enabled. Ensure you test it on your selected GKE control plane version.
  • In some cases, GKE may have disabled a beta feature for a specific GKE control plane version. Contact Cloud Customer Care for assistance in verifying if the beta feature is enabled on that GKE control plane version.


Alpha features are disabled by default and can be enabled by GKE for a particular GKE control plane version. Creating an alpha cluster enables all alpha features by default. However, alpha clusters are intended for experimental purposes and not for production workloads.

What's next

For a complete list of current Kubernetes features, see Feature gates.