Configure an API trigger

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API triggers are used to directly invoke executions for integrations. API triggers can be used in synchronous or asynchronous mode.

Add an API trigger

To add an API trigger trigger, perform the following steps:
  1. In the Apigee UI, select your Apigee Organization.
  2. Click Develop > Integrations.
  3. Select an existing integration or create a new integration by clicking CREATE INTEGRATION.

    This opens the integration in the integration designer page.

  4. In the integration designer, click +Add a task/trigger > Triggers to view the list of available triggers.
  5. Click and place the API trigger element to the designer.

Configure an API trigger

Click the API trigger element in the integration designer to view the trigger configuration pane.

The configuration panel displays the Trigger ID, which is a machine-generated ID in the format api_trigger/TRIGGER_NAME. No further configuration is required for this trigger.


When using the API trigger, the cumulative size of all the input variables can be a maximum of 8 MB. If the size exceeds 8 MB, Apigee doesn't run the integration and you will get an error.