LINT.IfChange IDs of the task config modules supported by the Integration Platform. Learn more about config module framework: go/integration-platform-config-module-framework

LABEL Supports editing label of a task config.
ERROR_HANDLING Supports editing error handling settings such as retry strategy.
TASK_PARAM_TABLE Supports adding, removing and editing task parameter values in a table with little assistance or restriction.
TASK_PARAM_FORM Supports editing values of declared input parameters of a task. Think of it as a "strongly typed" upgrade to the TASK_PARAM_TABLE.
PRECONDITION Supports editing preconditions of a task config.
SCRIPT_EDITOR Supports adding, editing, and deleting the scripts associated with a script task, as well as modifying the input/output parameters.
RPC Supports editing task parameters associated with an RPC/stubby task.
TASK_SUMMARY Contains readonly task information, including input/output type info.
SUSPENSION Configures a SuspensionTask.
RPC_TYPED Configures a GenericStubbyTypedTask.
SUB_WORKFLOW Configures a SubWorkflowExecutorTask.
APPS_SCRIPT_NAVIGATOR Supports navigating to Apps Script editor
SUB_WORKFLOW_FOR_EACH_LOOP Configures a SubWorkflowForEachLoopTask.
FIELD_MAPPING Configures a FieldMappingTask.
README Contains embedded in-product documentation for a task.
REST_CALLER UI widget for the rest caller task.
SUB_WORKFLOW_SCATTER_GATHER Configures a SubWorkflowScatterGatherTask.
CLOUD_SQL Configures a CloudSql Task.
GENERIC_CONNECTOR_TASK Configure a GenericConnectorTask.