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Data protection and privacy is always a priority for financial services companies — which is why many of them became early adopters of the private cloud. Now, as the global regulatory compliance landscape becomes ever more complex and demanding, Google Cloud is helping these organizations meet today's compliance challenges via a public cloud infrastructure that offers data integrity, portability, and confidentiality.

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How we help you meet your compliance goals

Contractual commitments

Google Cloud offers contractual commitments that are tailored to the financial services sector, and include audit rights for customers and regulators where required. For more information, contact your Google Cloud account representative.

Regulator engagement

When our customers move their data to Google Cloud we help them assess their regulatory and compliance needs, including meeting with financial services regulators to understand their requirements.

Security & privacy

Google Cloud is committed to protecting our customers' privacy and security needs. Our data processing terms for Google Workspace and GCP articulate how we help you meet your specific compliance requirements.

Data storage

Google Cloud services are available in multiple locations worldwide. For select services and for data at rest, choose which facilities best meet your specific latency, availability, and durability requirements.


We automatically encrypt your data both in transit outside of physical boundaries not controlled by Google and at rest by default and provide numerous ways for you to control your own encryption keys and data access.

Incident notification

Google's industry-leading data security practices specify a rigorous process for dealing with any incident that might impact your data's confidentiality, integrity, or availability.

We have peace of mind knowing that Google Cloud takes security and compliance very seriously.

Darryl West, Group CIO, HSBC

Compliance offerings

Google Workspace and GCP undergo several independent third-party audits on a regular basis to ensure that we can assist with your compliance journey. Here are some of the standards, regulations, and certifications that we follow or are certified against.

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