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Artifact Registry

The next generation of Container Registry. Store, manage, and secure your build artifacts.

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Universal build artifact management

As the evolution of Container Registry, Artifact Registry is a single place for your organization to manage container images and language packages (such as Maven and npm). It is fully integrated with Google Cloud’s tooling and runtimes and comes with support for native artifact protocols. This makes it simple to integrate it with your CI/CD tooling to set up automated pipelines.
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Secure and consistent

Set up secure private-build artifact storage on Google Cloud in minutes. Maintain control over who can access, view, or download artifacts with registry-native IAM roles and permissions. Get consistent uptime on Google’s secure and reliable infrastructure.

Automate building and deployment logo

Automate building and deployment

Automatically build and upload artifacts to private repositories when you commit code to Cloud Source Repositories, GitHub, or Bitbucket. Easily set up CI/CD pipelines with integration to Cloud Build, Cloud Deploy, or deploy directly to Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Run, or Cloud Functions.

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Native artifact format support

Create multiple repositories under a given Google Cloud project. Push and pull Docker images, Maven, and npm packages from your private repositories in Artifact Registry using standard command-line interfaces. Use native tools to interact with artifacts in your repositories.

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High performance and availability

Create regional private repositories around the world and store artifacts close to your compute instances anywhere Google Cloud is available. Access Google’s high-performing global network for fast workload delivery.

Vulnerability scanning insights logo

Vulnerability scanning insights

Detect vulnerabilities in container images pushed to Artifact Registry repositories. Ensure your container images are safe to deploy. A constantly refreshed database helps ensure your vulnerability scans are up-to-date with new threats.

Prevent deployment of risky images logo

Prevent deployment of risky images

Define deployment policies in Binary Authorization to ensure only approved container images can be deployed. Configure this automatic checkpoint to keep risky images from being deployed to Google Kubernetes Engine.


Regional and multi-regional repositories

Manage container images and packages in regional or multi-regional repositories.

Multiple repositories per Google Cloud project

Create multiple repositories under a single Google Cloud project.

Repository-native IAM with granular permissions

Granular access controls based on repository actions.


Artifact Registry charges for storage and network egress consumed by your artifact repositories. See the pricing page for more information.

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