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Immersive Stream for XR Preview

Google Cloud's Immersive Stream for XR enables extended reality experiences to be created and streamed to millions of mobile devices. It engages users in an immersive, interactive, and photorealistic experience, without having to download an app. Simply create content once and run on any device.

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Simple user experience

Users can enter 3D and AR experiences in seconds without having to wait for new apps to download.

Broad device compatibility

Experiences run on iOS, Android, and web, so developers do not need to build for each OS, model, or year.

Photorealistic quality

The experience is rendered on powerful, cloud-based GPUs and then streamed to any device. Augmenting and offloading the processing from the mobile device provides the best user experience.

Key features

Key features

Native mobile device support

Native mobile AR support with the Google app for iOS and Android.

Simple customer journey integration

Ability to host a single URL or QR code that works for almost any device. Users can interact with experiences using touch gestures and device movement.

Powerful, cloud-based GPUs

Cloud-based GPUs automatically provide the optimal computing power to render AR and 3D experiences.


Developer documentation

GitHub templates and demos

Get started quickly with the Immersive Stream for XR template project, with built-in feature demos.

YouTube tutorial videos

Bite-size how-to videos to help you create immersive 3D and AR content. 

Immersive Stream for XR quickstart guide

Learn how to get started with Immersive Stream for XR. You will use Unreal Engine® and the Immersive Stream for XR template project.

Use cases

Immersive Stream for XR delivers new user experiences

Use case
Experience BMW i4 and iX through augmented reality

BMW is using Immersive Stream for XR to allow users to digitally place the BMW iX and BMW i4 into any real-world environment in vivid detail with usable virtual features such as changing paint colors, lighting elements, and more. Learn more.

The iX
Use case
F-150 Lightning "Strike Anywhere" experience

Allows users to learn about and experience Ford’s new, all-electric F-150 Lightning with 13 interactive animations, including the innovative Mega Power Frunk, and more. Learn more.

Use case
Immersive virtual shopping journey with KDDI

Use any device to start shopping from anywhere, browse the types, configure the outfits as you like, and get the real feeling of how it really looks in the real world using AR technology. Learn more.

Use case
Next-gen home improvement experience with Lowe’s

Lowe’s Innovation Labs is using Immersive Stream for XR to help customers design and visualize their dream kitchen. Coming soon: Walk through your design in AR! Learn more.

Lowe's Innovation Labs
Use case
Singapore Tourism Board transforms with technology

On the forefront of innovation in travel, the Singapore Tourism Board is building a next-generation travel planning experience using Immersive Stream for XR, providing cinematic discovery of Singapore wherever you are. Learn more.

Singapore Tourism Board



Immersive Stream for XR from Google Cloud charges using a pay-as-you-go model based on configured streaming capacity, which represents the maximum number of concurrent users that the experience can support.