Contact Center AI alpha

Build a modern, intuitive customer care experience with Google artificial intelligence.

Improve your contact center with AI

Designed to work with existing contact center technology, Contact Center AI makes it easy to train an AI model to interact with customers and provide insightful direction for agents. The result? A more personalized, intuitive customer care experience from the first “Hello.”

Intuitive call automation through Virtual Agent

Build powerful Virtual Agents that automate customer conversation with Dialogflow. Instead of a lengthy phone tree, the Virtual Agent uses open-ended questions to quickly assess a customer’s history, sourcing the best answers and cutting wait times for customers.

Smarter agent tools and at-the-ready resources

When calls are forwarded to a live agent, Agent Assist presents machine-learning-driven insights, helping the agent provide personalized and relevant upsells.

Faster insights into your customer data

Bring the best of Google AI to every call. Improve customer service experience in your contact center through call automation, AI-powered assistance to human agents, and powerful analytics for business analysts and managers.

Better overall value

Contact Center AI is easy to set up, reduces wait times, and provides better insights into your customers. Plus, it’s designed to integrate with partner technology you’re already working with, so you can grow your AI capabilities and strengthen your partner relationships.

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Reference architecture

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Reference architecture

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Contact Center AI features

Intuitive first-caller experience

When customers call in, their requests are cataloged and analyzed using Google’s Dialogflow Enterprise technology — for a more intuitive, seamless experience.

Automatic topic determination

Compared to rigid hierarchical menus or sequences, Contact Center AI can parse topics based on the conversation, getting the answers customers want, fast.

Live agent assistance

If a live agent is needed during a call, the Agent Assist AI automatically supplies the agent with articles and knowledge documents based on the conversation. No hold music required. Agent Assist will stay on the call to help the live agent with documents from your enterprise’s knowledge base.

Enterprise knowledge base integration

When customers need specific help, Contact Center AI can use enterprise chat logs to handle unique requests as well as train tailored versions of the Virtual Agent and Agent Assist.

Contact Center AI partners

Thanks to our strong partner relationships, Contact Center AI easily integrates into existing partner technology.

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