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CCAI Insights

CCAI Insights provides contact center interaction data to answer business questions or support decisions to drive efficiency.

  • Increase the value of your analysts

  • Compliance teams are able to focus on the problem conversations

  • Improved analyst productivity


Identify investment areas more quickly and accurately

• Topic identification provides clarity on why your customers contact you

• NLP data-like entities, sentiment, and intent highlighters help you know which topics give the best bang for your buck

Compliance teams flag more conversations for review

• Reduce regulatory risk

• Improve compliance

Conversations classified with greater accuracy

• Reduce the need for agent and analyst classifications

• Scalable to all conversations

Key features

Data to help better understand your customers

Smart highlighters

Automatic highlighting of the conversation for important moments, built by Google and out-of-the-box ready for your data. Smart highlighters include moments like when your customers complain, when your customers ask for a supervisor, or when your agent tries to put your customer on hold.

Cloud NLP integration

Gather customer and agent sentiment, identify common keywords with entity extraction, and score those keywords with entity sentiment.

Topic model

Taking advantage of Google's proprietary language models, topic modeling allows users to create an unsupervised model of their conversation data and automatically creates a taxonomy of their conversation drivers.

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"With CCAI Insights, TELUS is looking at processing 20 million voice calls for analytics. This will help agents resolve customer inquiries faster with less effort, leading to significant savings via agent effort reduction in year one of production."

Mike Kellner, Director, AI Data & Analytics, TELUS


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Google Cloud Basics
Creating a topic model

Topic Modeling helps you discover topics (call drivers) in conversations between contact center agents and end users.

Google Cloud Basics
Enable Dialogflow runtime integration

Dialogflow runtime integration allows you to integrate data from other Dialogflow-powered Contact Center AI services into CCAI Insights.


CCAI Insights pricing details

Pricing for CCAI Insights is based on the feature used per conversation.

Feature Cost
CCAI Insights Analysis (Sentiment, Entities, Highlighters) $2 per 100 conversations
Topic Model labeling $2 per 100 conversations