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Deliver an exceptional customer experience with Contact Center AI, now GA

November 14, 2019
Antony Passemard

Head of Product for Conversational AI

Contact centers are one of the most important ways businesses respond to and meet customer needs. However, the demand for quality customer service comes with its own set of operational challenges. As a result, many businesses are embracing cloud technologies and AI to help provide better and more helpful customer experiences, more efficiently. 

Contact Center AI, which we announced last July, lets you provide personalized, intuitive customer care from the first "Hello.” Now, we’re pleased to announce that businesses can easily start implementing Contact Center AI today to drive results that matter to your customers and your business.

Contact Center AI is now GA, and ready to transform contact centers

Virtual Agent and Agent Assist, two features of Contact Center AI that are now both GA, work together to achieve a common goal: improve the customer experience while increasing operational efficiency. Here’s how they do it: 

  • Virtual Agent: Customers now have 24/7 access to immediate and personalized conversational self-service, as Virtual Agent automates basic interactions and provides seamless handoffs to human agents for more complex issues through real-time call transcription.

  • Agent Assist: Live agents are empowered with continuous support during their calls, as Agent Assist transcribes calls in real time, identifies customer intent, provides real-time, step by step assistance (recommended articles, workflows, etc.), and automates call dispositions.

You can now integrate Contact Center AI with your existing workflows and start seeing results within 3-6 months, thanks to integrations with partners such as Avaya and Mitel, who are GA today, as well as 8x8, Cisco, Five9, Genesys, NICE inContactSalesforce, Twilio, and Vonage.

Create an even better conversational experience with key Dialogflow updates

At the heart of Contact Center AI is Dialogflow, our core technology that builds interfaces such as chatbot and interactive voice responses (IVR), to enable natural and rich conversational experiences. 

Today, Dialogflow has reached over 1 million developers, supports HIPAA and PCI compliance, and has enhanced support for Virtual Agents: 

  • Self-service Dialogflow Telephony Integrations: Helps set up your virtual agent faster, as we’ve expanded Dialogflow Telephony Gateway to include IVR partners. Through partner instructions, you can use existing phone numbers to access your Dialogflow virtual agent and power your IVR systems in no time. 

  • Agent validation: Helps agent designers create high-quality virtual agents to improve the overall experience, by providing feedback with a list of errors or warnings that should be fixed to improve the quality and performance of the virtual agent. 

  • Entity enhancements: Through these features, we have improved our natural language processing to provide an even more accurate and natural conversational experience. 

    • System entity extension: Offers greater accuracy and recognition, by adding additional values to your Dialogflow application to extend system entities. 

    • Regular expression entities: Improves return matches through regular expression entities, matching patterns instead of specific terms (examples include: national identification numbers, IDs, license plates, etc.). 

    • Fuzzy matching: Provides better entity matching, regardless of word ordering in a value or synonym, to make it easier for developers to create entities.

Start seeing results in your Contact Center today

Customers have started seeing immediate results from Contact Center AI integrations. Here’s what our customers have to say: 

“To deliver on a best-in-class viewer experience, we need to respond effectively to our viewers whenever they’re reaching out to Hulu for help,” says Matt Kravitz, Director of Viewer Experience at Hulu. “Because of this, we’re always searching for innovative technology that will help our customer support advocates respond and react quickly. Contact Center AI from Google Cloud and Salesforce was the best solution for our needs as it enables recommended responses and next best actions. With these tools, our team can focus more on engaging with our viewers.” 

“GoDaddy uses Dialogflow, a core component of Contact Center AI, to power our conversational self-help experience. It furthers our ability to provide exceptional care and guidance to our customers, both digitally and while interacting with our customer care Guides,” says Mira Lynn, Head of Conversational AI at GoDaddy. “We chose Dialogflow because of the promise of flexibility the platform provides. It has enabled us to develop a unique approach that maintains conversation designers’ independence from engineering development cycles, allowing us to move quickly and flexibly to iterate and respond to customer needs. Our agility has allowed us to provide a customer and Guide-first experience, giving our customers the right answers in the mode that they choose, while also enabling our Guides to better serve them.” 

To find out how Contact Center AI can increase CSAT, deflection rates, and operational efficiency, visit our site, contact your Google sales representative, or request to be contacted.

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