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easyJet: Transforming how customers search for flights with the help of Google Cloud

September 4, 2019
Dominik Wee

Managing Director Manufacturing and Industrial

With a growing fleet of 325 aircraft that cover more than 1,000 routes across 158 airports, easyJet is one of Europe’s most popular airlines. And easyJet serves an average of 90 million passengers each year, so a helpful mobile experience for its customers is a top priority.

Travellers today are inherently mobile-first, so finding new ways to make it easier for them to search and book flights is key. To do exactly that, easyJet partnered with technology company Travelport to develop Speak Now, a new feature on easyJet’s mobile app that interprets voice searches to deliver accurate and relevant flight information to travelers.

Powered by Dialogflow, Google Cloud's natural language understanding tool for building conversational experiences, Speak Now lets customers ask questions to determine exactly what they’re looking for—from destinations, to dates and times, to airports they want to fly from. 

How do we create conversational experiences across devices and platforms for enterprises?
It's clear that the rise in voice search is changing the way we go about our daily lives. Twenty-seven percent of the global online population already uses voice search on mobile, and the rapid adoption of this technology is reshaping entire industries. It's no surprise that easyJet looked to adopt this technology to positively transform experiences for their customers.   

Dialogflow, a core component of Google Cloud Contact Center AI, makes it easy to build accurate, flexible conversation interfaces that allow users to ask questions and accomplish tasks in everyday language. It understands the nuances of human language and translates end-user text or audio during a conversation to structured data that apps and services can understand. 

Daniel Young, Head of Digital Experience at easyJet commented: “We picked Dialogflow due to its strengths and ease with which a powerful conversational agent can be built. Speak Now is a great example of how we’re using cloud technologies and AI to make the experience of buying and managing travel continually better for everyone. This is the latest in a series of innovative features that will make booking travel as easy as it can possibly be, giving easyJet customers a helpful digital experience.”

Consumers already rely on voice assistants to play their favorite music, add items to a shopping list, and order taxis, Speak Now is a great example of how voice assistants can now make the customer experience better and more intuitive for travel.

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To learn more about Dialogflow, visit our website. Speak Now will be available in English language at the end of September on iOS.

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