revFADP (Switzerland)

The Swiss Parliament passed the final version of the revised Federal Data Protection Act (revFADP) in 2020. The revFDPA aims to protect the personality rights and the fundamental rights of natural persons whose personal data is processed and seeks to align the current Swiss Data Protection Law with the Council of Europe’s Convention 108 and with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

The revFDPA sets out a new set of data protection principles for the processing of personal data laid out in Art. 6. These include principles of lawfulness, good faith, transparency and correctness, as well as the processing in a proportional manner for a defined purpose and the storage limitation.

Google is committed to revFDPA compliance for our Google Cloud services where applicable. We are also committed to helping our customers with their revFDPA compliance journeys by providing robust privacy and security protections built into our services and contracts.

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