Easily Create API Backends

Google Cloud Endpoints is a Google App Engine feature that simplifies your API development and management. In just a few steps, it wraps your code to build an API backend server, including RESTful APIs and client libraries for Android, iOS and web-based clients. The client libraries generated by Cloud Endpoints simplify client access to data from other applications via direct API calls. Cloud Endpoint API libraries are available in Java and Python.

Simply Annotate Your Code

Turn your App Engine into an API that is easily deployed and consumed by Android, iOS and web clients. Simply annotate your Java or Python code and let Cloud Endpoints build a RESTful API for you.

Automatically Generate Client Libraries

Cloud Endpoints can build your iOS and Android client libraries automatically, including discovery documents. Get standard web clients up and running with a minimal JavaScript client library. All of your clients use similar APIs and the same backend, which keeps development time down.

Leverage App Engine On Mobile

Cloud Endpoints is a Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) solution for App Engine. App Engine’s tools and libraries are now available to your mobile devices and web applications. Access Google Cloud Datastore, Google Cloud Storage, App Engine’s Task Queue API and many other App Engine features through your API backend, with no extra effort.

Authenticate End Users

Integrate OAuth 2.0 authentication quickly and easily. Cloud Endpoints provides a simple way to develop a shared web backend with critical infrastructures, such as OAuth 2.0 authentication, eliminating a great deal of work that would otherwise be needed.

Cloud Endpoints Features

Create RESTful APIs on App Engine accessible to iOS, Android and Javascript clients

Client Side Development
Client developers on Android, iOS and web can use automatically generated client libraries that make API access simple and natural.
Server Side Annotation Language
Simple annotations turn native Java and Python code into RESTful APIs that can be easily deployed and consumed by Android, iOS and web clients.
API Explorer
Automatically generate interactive documentation that lets developers read docs and execute requests against your API from the browser.
OAuth 2.0 Support
The generated client libraries allow you to authenticate the end user of your mobile or web application using their Google account and OAuth 2.0.

“ Cloud Endpoints certainly has enabled us to offer an API that is on par with the best APIs out
there. It has enabled us to build an API that feels and behaves like APIs from YouTube,
Google Maps and other Google services...We would never have been able to offer
something comparable in the same amount of time. Building all of that
without Google Cloud Endpoints would have been unthinkable. ”

- Thomas Schranz CEO, Blossom.io


Create RESTful APIs on App Engine accessible to iOS, Android and Javascript clients

Cloud Endpoints is available free of charge for applications running on App Engine.