Cloud Source Repositories

Multiple private Git repositories hosted on Google Cloud Platform

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Collaborative Development on Git

Google Cloud Source Repositories provides Git version control to support collaborative development of any application or service, including those that run on Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine. If you are using the Stackdriver Debugger, you can use Cloud Source Repositories and related tools to view debugging information alongside your code during application runtime. Cloud Source Repositories also provides a source browser that you can use to view your repository files from within the Cloud Console.

Multiple Private Git Repositories

With Cloud Source Repositories, you can have any number of private Git repositories, allowing you to organize the code associated with your cloud project in whatever way works best for you.

Integrated with Cloud Diagnostics

Cloud Platform diagnostics tools like the Debugger and Error Reporting can use the code from your git repositories to let you track down issues to specific errors in your deployed code without slowing down your users.

Connect GitHub or Bitbucket Repositories

If you already have your code in GitHub or BitBucket repositories, you can bring that into your Cloud Platform project and use it just like any other repository, including browsing and diagnostics.

Source Code Browser

Use our source code browser to view repository files by branch, commit and tag all without leaving the Cloud Console.

Cloud Source Repositories Features

Google-Hosted Repositories
Cloud Source Repositories are fully-featured private Git repositories hosted on Cloud Platform. Set up a repository as a Git remote. Push, pull, clone and log, and perform other Git operations required by your workflow.
Connected Repositories
You can connect Cloud Source Repositories to a hosted repository on GitHub or Bitbucket. When you push a change to the connected repository, it's automatically synced to the Cloud Platform repository.
Source Browser
Cloud Source Repositories also provides a source browser that you can use to view repository files from within the Cloud Console.
Stackdriver Debugger
Cloud Source Repositories works with Stackdriver Debugger, which lets you inspect the state of applications running on Google Cloud Platform without stopping them or slowing them down.
Reliable Storage
Cloud Source Repositories resides on highly-replicated backend storage systems distributed geographically across multiple data centers and run on infrastructure proven for reliability.

Cloud Source Repositories Pricing

For more information, please see Cloud Source Repositories Pricing.

Free tier Overages
Up to 5 Users $1 per project-user over 5 project-users per month
50 GB Storage $0.10 per GB storage per month
50 GB Egress $0.10 per GB egress per month
If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

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