Cloud Source Repositories

A single place for your team to store, manage, and track code.

Private Git Repository

More than just a private Git repository

Collaborate easily and securely manage your code on a fully featured, scalable, private Git repository. Extend your Git workflow by connecting to other GCP tools, including Cloud Build, App Engine, Stackdriver, and Cloud Pub/Sub. Get access to fast, indexed powerful code search across all your owned repositories to save time.

Unlimited Private Git Repositories

Unlimited private Git repositories

Get free unlimited private repositories to organize your code in a way that works best for you. Mirror code from GitHub or Bitbucket repositories to get powerful code search, code browsing, and diagnostics capabilities.

Catch Issues Early

Improve developer productivity

Get fast feedback on your code changes with built-in integrations for continuous integration. You can easily set up triggers to automatically build and test using Cloud Build when you push changes to Cloud Source Repositories.

Fast Code Search

Fast code search

Use powerful regexp to search across multiple directories. You can use regular expressions to refine your search or perform a single targeted search across projects, files, and code repositories.

Build, deploy, verify, and debug in minutes

Connect easily with other GCP tools or even build your own integration in minutes.

Deploy directly from Cloud Source Repositories

Deploy changes directly from branches or tags in your repository to Google App Engine.

Automatically build and test your source code

Use Cloud Build to automatically build and test an image when changes are pushed to Cloud Source Repository.

Versioning and aliasing for serverless requests

Track changes to serverless source code over time for tracking purposes, using Cloud Source Repositories.

Debug in production

Investigate your code’s behavior in production without stopping or slowing the application.

Detailed audit logs

Get insights into what actions were performed, including where and when, on your repository with Stackdriver audit logging.

Build your own integrations

Link Cloud Source Repositories with any of your favorite GCP tools using Pub/Sub.

Cloud Source Repositories features

Source Browser

View repository files from within the Cloud Source Repositories using Source Browser. Filter your view to focus on a specific branch, tag, or commit.

Perform Git operations

Set up a repository as a Git remote. Push, pull, clone and log, and perform other Git operations required by your workflow.

Automatic syncing

Connect Cloud Source Repositories to a hosted repository on GitHub or Bitbucket. Automatically sync changes to Cloud Source Repositories when changes are pushed to GitHub or Bitbucket.

Proven reliability

Manage your code on systems distributed geographically across multiple data centers and being run on Google’s infrastructure with high availability.

Cloud Source Repositories pricing

For more information, see Cloud Source Repositories pricing.

Free Tier Overages
Up to 5 Users $1 per project-user over 5 project-users per month
50 GB Storage $0.10 per GB storage per month
50 GB Egress $0.10 per GB egress per month


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Cloud Source Repositories: more than just a private Git repository

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