Google Cloud Source Repositories are fully featured, private Git repositories hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

You can use Cloud Source Repositories for collaborative development of any application or service, including those that run on App Engine and Compute Engine. If you are using Stackdriver Debugger, you can use Cloud Source Repositories and related tools in the GCP Console to view debugging information alongside your code during application runtime.

Using Cloud Source Repositories is easy if you are familiar with Git. For example, you can add Cloud Source Repositories to a local Git repository as a remote, or you can connect it to a hosted repository on GitHub or Bitbucket. From a local repository, you can use the standard set of Git commands to interact with the repository in the cloud, including push, pull, clone, and log.

Multiple repositories

You can create multiple repositories for a single Cloud Platform project.

Connected repositories

If you already have a repository on GitHub or Bitbucket, you can connect it to Cloud Source Repositories. Connected repositories are synchronized with Cloud Source Repositories automatically.

Source browser

Cloud Source Repositories also provide a source browser that you can use to view repository files from within the GCP Console.

Source browser

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