Deploying from Cloud Source Repositories to App Engine

This topic describes how to integrate Cloud Source Repositories with App Engine.

App Engine is a web framework and cloud computing platform for developing and hosting web apps by using the Google Cloud.

You can deploy your code from Cloud Source Repositories to App Engine in the same way you would using a local files. The steps in this topic show you how.

Clone a repository

If you have not already done so, clone the contents of the Google Cloud repository into a local Git repository by using the gcloud source repos clone command:

gcloud source repos clone hello-world

Deploy your app

  1. From a terminal window, navigate to your repository. In the following command, replace path_to_repository with the path to the repository that contains your application.

    cd path_to_repository
  2. Deploy your app:

    gcloud app deploy app.yaml

    Follow the prompts to deploy and test your app.

    To pick up new changes, such as when you push an update into your repository, re-run the gcloud app deploy app.yaml command.

  3. Verify that your app is running:

    gcloud app browse