Using the Source Browser

The source browser is a feature of Google Cloud Source Repositories that you can use to work with repository files.

Opening the source browser

You must set up a repository for your project before you can use the source browser.

To open the source browser, navigate to the source view for your project in the console. The source browser shows a directory view of the repository contents at the most recent commit level.

Browsing files by branch, tag, or commit

The source browser allows you to browse files by branch, tag, or commit.

Do one of the following in the directory view:

  • To view files by branch or tag, click the selector above the directory view and choose the branch or tag you want to view:

  • To view files by commit, click a commit ID in the Recent Commits list.

Note: You cannot use the source browser to create or manage branches. You must use Git and a local clone of the repository for branch creation and management. See Adding a Repository as a Remote for more information.

Viewing file contents

In the directory view, click the name of any file to view its contents.

Viewing file diffs

The source browser allows you to view the difference between an open file and any previously committed version. To view the difference, select the previous commit from the Diff Against selector. The difference report is displayed and allows you to compare the two versions:

Viewing commit history for a file

You can view the commit history for a file from the file view by clicking the Commit History button View repository files.

From the commit history, you can choose to view the contents of a file at a specific commit, or view the differences between the file at a commit and the repository head.

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