High performance computing

High performance computing (HPC) is all about scale and speed. Google Cloud’s flexible and scalable offerings help accelerate time to completion, so you can convert ideas into discoveries and inspirations into products.

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A powerful and flexible infrastructure to support scalable workloads

Cut the queues

Each team can access their own scalable, tailor-made cluster to reduce queue times for large-batch workloads and relieve compute resource limitations.

Pay only for what you need

Access custom machine configurations to control costs with committed and sustained use discounts. Get up to 80% cost savings with Preemptible VMs.

Innovate with high-performance, on-demand resources

Build your own supercomputer using the latest Intel and AMD processors, NVIDIA GPUs, and high-throughput, low-latency object and file storage.

Read more about HPC in Hyperion Research’s The Future of HPC Cloud Computing report.

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Best practices for running tightly coupled HPC applications

Learn best practices for tuning Google Cloud resources for optimal Message Passing Interface (MPI) performance.

Deploy an auto-scaling HPC cluster with Slurm

Gain a solid understanding of the ease of provisioning and operating an autoscaling Slurm cluster.

Genomics: Running a GATK best practices pipeline

Run a pipeline on Google Cloud using the GATK Best Practices for variant discovery in whole genome sequencing data provided by the Broad Institute.

Create a virtual GPU-accelerated Linux workstation

Create a virtual Linux workstation running CentOS with one of three attached display-capable NVIDIA GPUs T4, P4, and P100.

Google Cloud Public Datasets

Explore high-demand public datasets, making it easy for you to access and uncover new insights in the cloud.